Sapphire Dancesport Championships 2012

Congratulations Dance with stars Academy students, for shining out there on the Dance floor. Not only is the Academy proud of you all giving 100% out there, but we are extremely proud of all our students for winning first place at Sapphire Dancesport  in Austin Texas on June 2-3 2012.

Congratulations to:

  •  Aaron Nisman and Brenna Hymowitz in Gold Closed Latin and Standard Program
  • Isaac Burch and Anoshka Kalliecharan in Bronze Closed Latin Program
  • Jackson Bayhi and Camille Geiger in Gold Open Latin and Standard Program
  • Rom Reiderman and Anna Vigdorov in Open Standard Program and Latin Show Solos
  • Krystal Espinor and Cristiano in Open Latin Program
  • Tony Pacifico and Katia in Silver Closed Latin Program
  • Ashley Mattingly and Cristiano in Open Gold and Silver Closed Latin Programs
  • Karsen Council and Cristiano in Bronze Closed Latin Program
  • Avery Tribe and Rom in Bronze Closed Latin Program
  • Amy Aleman and Rom in Bronze Closed Latin Program

And to the group formations:

  • J1(Little Stars) Avery Tribe and Bella Guevara
  • J1-A (Rising Star) Victoria Guevara, Diana Guevara, Audrey Burch, Karsen Council, and Amy Aleman

Thank you for being apart of the Dance with Stars Academy team. We love you all dearly and will never stop working hard to make sure you guys are number one

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